We are delighted to announce the second MSG Shark Tank event. This is an opportunity for young investigators to present a research proposal with a neuromuscular focus for pump-prime funding of $10,000. The scheme is intended to drive new and developing research collaborations and result in further grant applications.


  • Lead applicant:
    • Is a doctoral or early post-doctoral (<10 years post PhD) researcher associated with a principal investigator who is established in the field of neuromuscular diseases.
    • Has not previously received an MSG Shark Tank award.
    • Is willing to present their research findings at a future MSG conference.
  • A proposal for a specific piece of research or pilot data collection which will be completed within 12 months of the grant award and is feasible with the $10,000 funding available.
  • A proposal relevant to neuromuscular diseases.


  1. Applicants will submit to the planning committee (epaulk@kumc.edu) a 200-word abstract outlining their research proposal. This should be written in language understandable by a non-specialist in your particular field and should include:
    1. Type of research (e.g. Basic science, clinical trial, epidemiology, qualitative etc.)
    2. Background and research question (e.g. What unmet need are you addressing? What knowledge gap are you filling? Why is it important?)
    3. Specific aims of the project
    4. Expected outcome and next steps, including plans for future study and funding bids
  2. Based on review of abstracts, selected applicants will present their proposal to the MSG Shark Tank. This is a panel of experts who will scrutinise your plans. The presentations will take the following format:
    1. A 5-minute presentation using no more than 3 slides. You should view this as an “elevator pitch”. Your job is to get the panel interested in your idea and highlight the importance of your project. Be sure to outline exactly what the grant will fund.
    2. 10 minutes of questions from the “sharks”. Here your proposal will be scrutinised in more detail.

Your presentation will be scored in the following domains:

  1. Quality and clarity of presentation
  2. Importance of research
  3. Feasibility


The successful applicant will be expected to submit an itemised budget prior to release of funding. Progress reports are expected once every six months. The successful applicant is expected to present research findings and outputs (e.g. publications, new collaborations, funding applications) at a subsequent MSG Conference.